mercredi 30 décembre 2009

A guide in search of a context - Veteran artist helps visitors at CIMA Gallery interpret an exhibition

Source : The Telegraph by Arka Das
Twenty-two year old tribal artist Mayank Kumar Shyam’s Chiria (Bird), based on a work from Subodh Gupta’s seminal everyday objects series, threw up intriguing interpretations. “The contexts are completely different. They are completely internalised, and the sutras are personalised. Thus, the interpretation is all the more interesting,” said Shuvaprasanna. The chiria, the bird, as a symbol of freedom from the urban clutter, perhaps? “Maybe,” smiled the tour guide, starting off what promises to be a series of walk-throughs at CIMA.
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In Search of a Context

Source : ArtSlant by Dr. Rituparna Basu
In a conscious attempt to break free from the trammels of tradition and reinstitute old images in a more global contemporary context, the CIMA Gallery brings together the works of seventeen artists from a cooperative workshop in Kolkata with its show “In Search of a Context.” The exhibition’s diverse works are united by the simple and powerful principle of reinterpretation: each piece is derived from the artist’s response to an earlier work by another artist.
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lundi 28 décembre 2009

Year of revival

Source : Deccan Herald
The economy may still be struggling to cope with the slump in the market, but Indian art has managed to hold its own, especially on the global stage. A study by ARCO-Madrid attributed this market surge to two factors — while younger artists were getting greater visibility both in shows and auctions globally, the gallery space also saw a boom this year. Though largely centred in New Delhi and Mumbai, new galleries and independent art centres were being created all the time in upcoming markets like Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata as well. An overview of the Indian art scenario in 2009, thus, threw up several interesting new trends.
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vendredi 18 décembre 2009

Art contemporain indien : le trio de tête

Source : ArtMarketInsight
Dans les années 90, le second marché en Inde était quasi inexistant. Entre 2000 et 2008, l’indice des prix de l’art contemporain était multiplié par sept ! Si Anish KAPOOR et Subodh GUPTA font partie des quinze artistes contemporains les plus cotés aux enchères toutes nationalités confondues, avec des produits de ventes respectifs de 11,2 M€ et 10,7 M€, le troisième artiste indien le plus coté du moment, TV SANTOSH , réalise un score dix fois moindre (1,2 M€).
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lundi 14 décembre 2009

Indian art mart churned – and moved on (Flashback 2009)

By Madhusree Chatterjee. Source : Sindh Today
Purging mediocre art and small-time investors, the market corrected artificially inflated prices, found new ways to reach out to buyers and distilled itself to cater to serious collectors and dealers with quality works by modern masters and established contemporary artists. The handful of new artists who managed to survive the churning were the ones whose works showed promise. Even the nature of art exhibitions in Indian metros changed by showcasing the works of leading artists in groups instead of solo shows. Asian art experts at Christie’s and Sotheby’s said the market started picking up post-Diwali in November and hopes to be on a stable track again by March 2010.
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Canvas by Manjit Bawa sells for record Rs1.7crore at Saffronart auction

Source : DNA India
An untitled canvas by Manjit Bawa sold for Rs1.7 crore at a recent online auction which apart from creating a world record for the late artist has also indicated a return of confidence in the Indian art market. At its winter 2009 auction leading domestic auctioneer Saffronart grossed a total of 20 crores by selling 78 of the 100 lots made available for bidding with 62 per cent of the works exceeded their pre-sale estimates.
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vendredi 11 décembre 2009

Husain-Raza to show together in London from today

By Anubha Sawhney Joshi. Source : Times of India
Starting today, the two artists will show together at The Kings Road Gallery & Tanya Baxter Contemporary in London till January 31. "I don't even remember the last time we showed together," says 87-year-old Raza, over the phone from London. "I'm looking forward to meeting my old friend Husain, always the outspoken one in our group."
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