lundi 25 avril 2016

Indianne Travel accueille la collection d’Hervé Perdriolle et vous emmène à la découverte de l’Inde et de la tribu Warli du 6 au 10 mai Au Medicis Paris VI

Source Indianne Travel
Amoureux de l'Inde, des Arts et des Voyages d’exception, nous vous invitons à une double découverte : celle des œuvres émouvantes d'une tribu animiste qui rend compte des rapports de l'Homme et de la Nature, et celle d'une agence de voyages spécialiste du sous-continent indien, qui ne propose ni catalogue ni circuits formatés, plébiscite le luxe éco-responsable et offre au voyageur exigeant, à travers un itinéraire sur mesure et haut-de-gamme. un tête-à-tête avec les territoires et les cultures, sous le signe de leur préservation.
> du 6 au 10 mai Au Medicis 5 rue de Medicis Paris VI
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dimanche 24 avril 2016

Hema Upadhyay and three Indian artists at Museum of Fine Art’s Boston show

Source The Times of India by Uma Nair
Four Indian artists including Hema Upadhyay feature in a historic exhibition that looks at the city as a spectacle in a showing entitled Mega Cities Asia at MFA, Boston from April 3 to June 17, 2016. Rubbing shoulders with the late genius Hema Upadhyay and Subodh Gupta are emerging artists Aaditi Joshi and Asim Waqif.
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‘Art is more than unbroken lines’

Source The Hindu by Jayanthi Madhukar
Walking around the small room in NGMA and taking in the works stacked against the walls, Chowdhury talks of his plans to open a museum in Kolkata for his private collection. He is confident it will happen soon. Then he pauses near a table. One of the drawings placed on it has a piece of broken glass inside the frame. “While reframing, that piece was not removed.” He laughs at the irony of a broken glass encased within the drawing of unbroken line. It is a sign to change that title. “Maybe you can think of something else?”
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India’s Richest Woman Nita Ambani Eyes The Art World

Source Blouin Art Info by Bibhu Pattnaik
India’s richest woman with a $20 billion family fortune and a 27-story sky palace in India’s south Mumbai, billed as the world’s most expensive home for its $1 billion estimated cost – Nita Ambani is now eyeing the art world. Her new interest is the conservation of Indian art forms and making them more widely known internationally. Recently her Reliance Foundation sponsored an exhibition of traditional Indian pichwai paintings of Shrinathji, the Ambani family deity, at the Art Institute of Chicago. She’s also the biggest funder of the new Met Breuer’s debut show of modernist drawings by Nasreen Mohamedi, the first museum retrospective of the artist’s work in the U.S. Nasreen’s exhibition ‘Waiting Is a Part of Intense Living’ made its debut at the Reina Sofia Museum in Spain this past September.
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Indian art gaining worldwide recognition

Source Newsgram by Zofeen Maqsood
For some time now, Indian art and its unique cultural identity had been garnering interest in the avant-garde world circles celebrating art and aesthetics. But this past December when a masterpiece by late Indian abstract artist Vasudeo Gaitonde sold at the prestigious Christies auction in Mumbai, India, for an unprecedented $4.4 million dollars (Rs 29 crore approx), the highest ever for an Indian artwork, it compelled the connoisseurs to actually sit up and take real notice of the extremely engaging art stories originating from the Indian subcontinent.
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Indian Artists at Art Basel 2016 in Hong Kong

Source Blouin Art Info by Bibhu Pattnaik
Four Indian galleries participated at the 3-day-long Art Basel, Hong Kong which concluded on March 26. They were Mumbai-based Chemould Prescott Road, Delhi-based Vadehra Art Gallery and Nature Morte and Kolkata-based Experimenter. The 4th edition of the Art Basel featured 239 galleries drawn from 35 countries. Leading Indian contemporary artists like Atul and Anju Dodiya, Ravinder Reddy, Faig Ahmed, Ayesha Sultana and Rathin Barman showcased their creations.
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Singh Twins bring contemporary art retrospective to Peel Art Museum and Archive

Source The Star Toronto
As a strategy for art-world success, the one employed by the Singh Twins would seem to have some holes. “Narrative, decorative, figurative, non-European, small scale — all the things you’re not supposed to do in contemporary art,” they laugh. “So we just thought, ‘let’s put it all in one package and throw it out there.’ ”And so, a couple of decades ago, they did. But then a strange thing happened: They actually began succeeding. From exhibitions at London’s Tate Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and the Museum of London, to name just a few, the twins — Liverpudlian Brits, Sikh and bona fide art-world celebrities back home in the U.K. — have landed here, at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archive for their first retrospective in Canada.
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The National Crafts Museum in New Delhi, India would soon be demolished

Source Art Found Out by Scott Rothstein
This institution, formally named the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum was created in 1958 by Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay, a brilliant social reformer and member of the Indian Independent movement. The mission of the institution was enhanced during the 18 years that Dr. Jyotindra Jain guided the museum. There are over 35,000 works in the museum collection, which is housed in a building designed by Charles Correa. Plans for the future of the collection are unknown. Local bureaucrats have kept much of the rationale behind this decision from the public. The National Crafts Museum represented the very best of Indian culture and stood as a monument to the rich heritage of a remarkable country. Sadly, the administrators responsible for the institution do not understand and respect the importance of it.
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Indian Art London

Source Christies
This year, Christie’s auction of South Asian Modern + Contemporary Art, taking place on 26 May at London King Street, will showcase iconic works by leading modern masters and rare, unseen pieces from distinguished private collections in the North America, Europe and South Asia.
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Un marché mondial en quête de confiance

Source Le Quotidien de l'Art par Alexandre Crochet
Si la vision globale du marché est « moins positive qu’il y a un an », pointe le rapport, les perspectives pour les ventes d’art contemporain pour six des huit régions examinées restent « neutres à positives » pour les mois à venir. Si les marchés chinois et russes ont chuté de 41 % et 68 %, l’Asie du Sud-Est a progressé de 28 % en 2015, et les ventes d’art moderne et contemporain indien ont connu une hausse de 13,5 %. En dépit de la baisse des cours du pétrole, les experts n’ont pas un avis défavorable mais prudent concernant le Moyen-Orient. Asie du Sud-Est, Inde ou encore Amérique du Sud - Brésil mis provisoirement entre parenthèses – devraient voir émerger encore davantage de grosses fortunes ces prochaines années.
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mardi 5 avril 2016

Galleries celebrate milestone anniversaries during the Art Paris Art Fair 2016

Source AMA
Galerie Hervé Perdriolle also celebrates its 20th year in business. For Art Paris Art Fair 2016, Hervé showcases different types of murals, ranging from ritualistic art, street art to outsider art. On one wall, one may find works by Jivya Soma Mashe who reinterprets India’s Warli tribe on paper. On the other, there are photographs of Julien “Seth” Malland’s street art. Lastly, there are pieces of removed apartment walls of Jean-Daniel Allanche who painted his apartment from floor to ceiling for 40 years. “I always have an interest in art works whose original intention is not to be shown in the galleries…things that convey a way of life.” says Perdriolle.
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lundi 4 avril 2016

Qui souffle ses bougies sur Art Paris Art Fair ?

Source AMA
La galerie Hervé Perdriolle célèbre aussi ses 20 ans d’activité. Pour Art Paris Art Fair, Hervé Perdriolle dévoile un stand qui célèbre l’art mural, présentant aussi bien du street art que de l’art outsider ou de l’art rituel. Sont exposées des oeuvres de Jivya Soma Mashe, des photographies du street artiste Seth ou des morceaux de mur tirés de l’appartement de Jean-Daniel Allanche — qui a peint son appartement du plancher au plafond il y a 40 ans. Selon Hervé Perdriolle : « J’ai toujours été intéressé par les oeuvres dont l’intention originelle est de ne pas être exposée en galerie… Elles ont quelque chose de plus ancré à la vie. »
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