mercredi 23 mars 2016

Art Paris 2016 : Galerie Hervé Perdriolle

La galerie Hervé Perdriolle présente 3 approches de l’art mural à travers les œuvre de 3 artistes du 31 mars au 3 avril (Art Paris, Grand Palais, stand C2). Jivya Soma Mashe, le légendaire artiste de la tribu Warli (Inde) interprète sur papier l'art mural ancestral et rituel de sa tribu. Julien Malland (alias Seth) expose pour la première fois son oeuvre photographique, medium à part entière de son travail de street artiste. Des oeuvres sur papier et toile d'un artiste singulier à mi-chemin entre art brut et outsider art, Jean-Daniel Allanche (1940-2015), côtoieront des éléments de son appartement parisien entièrement peint et repeint, du sol au plafond, pendant plus de 40 ans.
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Nouvelles peintures Warli au Grand Palais

Découvrez le catalogue en ligne des nouvelles peintures de la tribu Warli présentées par la galerie Hervé Perdriolle à Art Paris, Grand Palais du 31 mars au 3 avril 2016, stand C2.

mardi 22 mars 2016

Bhupen Khakhar Emerges Star at Sothebys Auction

Source Blouin Art Info by Archana Khare-Ghose
At the Sotheby’s auction of Modern & Contemporary South Asian Art in New York on March 15, it was a V.S. Gaitonde canvas that was billed as the most valued in the pre-auction estimates. And it, indeed, emerged as the highest grosser, fetching $2,770,000 (approx. Rs 18.3 crore), slightly more than its lower estimate. However, the clear star of the auction was Bhupen Khakhar (1934-2003) whose canvases distinctly generated a lot of long overdue interest, with quite a few selling over and above the highest pre-auction estimates.
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Vaudeo Gaitonde, Raja Ravi Varma lead sale of Sotheby’s Asia auction which raised $55 million

Source The American Bazaar by Sujeet Rajan
Vasudeo S. Gaitonde’s ‘Untitled’ sold for $2,770,000, to lead all of Sotheby’s Asia Week New York auctions, which raised altogether $55,056,743. The auction of Indian and Southeast Asian art, including property from the estate of Dr. Claus Virch, raised $13,865,063; Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Works of Art totaled $5,679,688, while Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art – despite a high number of works going unsold – raked in $8,185,375.
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vendredi 18 mars 2016

Jangarh Singh Shyam’s Acrylic On Canvas Sells For Double The Estimate at Saffronart

Source Blouin Art Info par Archana Khare-Gose
The most well-known tribal artist of India, Jangarh Singh Shyam (1960-2001) continues to rule the auction world. His 1997 acrylic on canvas sold for $12,660 (approx. Rs 8.35 lakh) at Saffronart’s auction titled “Living Traditions: Folk & Tribal Art” that concluded yesterday. The winning bid was slightly more than double the pre-auction estimate of $4,550 - $6,065 (approx. Rs 3 lakh - Rs 4 lakh). A total of 54 lots were sold, accounting for 72% of the lots on offer. The total winning value of the sale was $261,293 (approx. Rs 1.72 crore).
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mardi 15 mars 2016

The Incredible Lahiri Collection at Christie’s Asia Week Auction on March 15

Source Blouin Art Info by Archan Khare Ghose
The incredible Lahiri Collection – a labour of love for art of the medico couple Prof Avijit and Dr Bratati Lahiri – goes under the gavel in New York on March 15. Though two lots from the total of 71 stand withdrawn after the Federal Agents in New York seized the two sculptures believed to be stolen antiquities, there’s nothing that diminishes the brilliance of the collection put together by the Lahiris over several years of their stay in London.
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‘Nasreen Mohamedi’ at the Met Breuer Review

Source The Wall Street Journal by Michael Fitzgerald
A retiring presence in Indian art during her life, Nasreen Mohamedi is now at the center of global issues of contemporary art. Mohamedi emerged in the wake of the first generation of Indian artists to gain recognition on the international scene and quickly defined a pristine, profoundly meditative approach to abstraction that both isolated her from most Indian art of her time and earned her a place among the leading artists of the late 20th century—an achievement acknowledged only posthumously. The show builds on the achievements of scholars in India, who have overcome nearly intractable problems to reconstitute her career. Mohamedi rarely signed, titled, dated or exhibited her work. This lack of documentation is especially challenging because Mohamedi suffered from Huntington’s disease, a neuromuscular impairment that progressively diminished her physical dexterity and ended her life in 1990, at age 53.
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Lahore Biennale Foundation : Rashid Rana to curate Lahore’s largest public art forum

Source Daily Times by Imran Chaudhry
In traditional terms, the role of the artistic director is to create a vision and narrative for the biennale and Rashid Rana aims to create exhibitions and programmes catering especially to the shifting realities of Lahore. LBF Chairman Osman Khalid Waheed commented, "LBF views art as not just an exercise in aesthetics, but as a vehicle for social engagement. The biennale is part of an ongoing effort to reclaim a space for the arts in the country's public discourse and in doing so, help support a more balanced and humane society. Our hope is that the Biennale will leave a lasting footprint in the city that outlives the seven weeks of the event itself and will help revitalise a renewed engagement between the public and the arts."
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lundi 14 mars 2016

Art Dubai 2016: All Roads Connect

Source Harper's Bazaar
Art Dubai 2016 seems to be looking in every direction at once. This year, the fair reflects on its past ten years through a marketing campaign that highlights significant and mundane events from 2006 (think first Brazilian astronaut in space, the deaths of James Brown and Steve Irwin, launch of twitter), further commemorated through the fair’s special project space given over to the newly created non-profit Atassi Foundation for Art and Culture as tribute to Syrian artists and through its galleries and project artists. With over 500 artists representing 70 nationalities, highlighting a region stretching from Algiers to Manila, Art Dubai is truly representative of the widest possible array of current art production from across the globe.
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vendredi 11 mars 2016

India’s Richest Woman Eyes the Art World

Source The Wall Street Journal by Kelly Crow
Nita Ambani is India’s wealthiest woman, with a $20 billion family fortune and a 27-story home in Mumbai, but she hasn’t been a power player in the art world, until now. Over the past six months, her Reliance Foundation—named after her husband Mukesh Ambani’s textile and petroleum empire, Reliance Industries—has emerged as a go-to donor for major U.S. museums seeking to mount shows with ties to her homeland. Last fall, her foundation sponsored a show of traditional Hindu paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago. She’s also the biggest funder of the new Met Breuer’s debut show of modernist drawings by Nasreen Mohamedi, the first museum retrospective of the artist’s work in the U.S.
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jeudi 10 mars 2016

Artists of indomitable spirit

Source The Times of India by Madhuri Kumar
The doyens of Mithila painting, popularly known as Madhubani painting, Godavari Dutt, Karpoori Devi and Baua Devi are embodiments of women's empowerment. Waging a dour struggle, they came out of the confines of their homes and used their unique style and imagination to infuse a fresh life into the folk art of Mithila paintings, which is today recognized across the world. In the process, they have earned name and fame not only for themselves but also brought laurels for their motherland. Though quite old now, their love for the art continues to be as strong as ever.
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Anticipation Building Up to Asia Week New York Auction Sales

Source Epoch Times
by Kati Vereshaka
As Asia Week New York 2016 (AWNY) begins, dealers, buyers, and Asian art lovers have started converging on New York, where Asian works of art spanning millennia will be shown and bought. Last year, during the seventh AWNY, sales reached an unprecedented total of $360 million. This year, from March 10 to 19, four auction houses are holding numerous sales that continue to attract an international audience in terms of both consignment and buyers. Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams, and Doyle are holding their sales during Asia Week, while iGavel is holding a viewing of its exhibition Asian, Ancient, and Ethnographic Works of Art with the online auction to follow— March 29–April 19.
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Indian art, artists feature at 20th Biennale of Sydney

Source Business Standard
The 20th Biennale of Sydney, titled The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed and presented free to the public from 18 March until 5 June 2016, is featuring the work of Indian artists Dayanita Singh and Sudarshan Shetty, as well as artists based in India, Neha Choksi and Bharti Kher.
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Brushstrokes of power

Source The Hindu by Deepanjana Pal
We’ve just survived Women’s Day, second only to Valentine’s Day in a list that I have affectionately titled “Die, Day-maker, Die”. Many complain (and rightly) about how it’s pointless to have a single day to “celebrate” women when the misogyny is so all-pervasive. But it’s not really the tokenism of Women’s Day that annoys me. What makes me grind my teeth and want to scalp people are the gestures that are offered. You are a woman, so go shop, with discounts! Buy a diamond! Get fed by a man! Giggle with other women as though you are all hysterical and have nothing to actually say to each other! And as if these stereotypes weren’t bad enough, there’s the artwork that shows women who are about as real as the mannequin you can see from the Kemps’ Corner flyover.
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mardi 8 mars 2016

Market News: Wyndham bids farewell

Source The Telegraph by Colin Gleadell
The Indian art market is the subject of a forthcoming survey by Art Tactic, a number-crunching market analyst which focuses on emerging markets. The survey rates the modern and contemporary Indian market as one of the most improved emerging markets in 2015 in terms of auction sales. “With US, European, and Chinese art markets showing a decline in auction sales in 2015, the Indian Modern and Contemporary art market saw a 14 per cent increase (based on Sotheby's, Christie’s and Saffronart). This result is even more positive (a 36 per cent increase in 2015) if we add results from Bonhams, Pundoles and Asta Guru,” the report says. Only the much smaller African market has improved by more.
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Art Sales: Indian art on the rise

Source The Telegraph by Colin Gleadell
In the earliest stages of the transition it became a matter of intense speculation what exhibitions The Met Breuer, under the chairmanship of former Tate curator, Sheena Wagstaff, would launch with. “One of our goals is to present thoughtful exhibitions that posit a broader meaning of modernism across vast geographies of art,” said Wagstaff. So, with globalism beckoning, it was not altogether surprising when it was announced that one opening exhibition was to be devoted to the Indian artist Nasreen Mohamedi.
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An Expansive Show of Undersung (Don’t Call them ‘Outsider’) Artists

Source The New York Times Style Magazine by SASKIA de ROTHSCHILD
But don’t call it “outsider” art. Brett offers a manifesto of sorts to this effect on the show’s entrance wall: “Imitators, segregators, false messiahs, please be warned. Art brut is a fiction, outsider art is a myth; discover the art-makers who re-write art history,” he writes, setting the Museum of Everything up in opposition to the rising trend of “outsider art fairs,” which are often defined as on the sidelines of mainstream art circuits.
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