jeudi 26 février 2015

Nouvelles œuvres disponibles

Source Galerie Hervé Perdriolle
Pour la cinquième année consécutive, la Galerie Da-End réunit un ensemble d’œuvres récentes et anciennes, fruit du travail d’une trentaine d’artistes, afin de constituer son cabinet de curiosités contemporain. Parmi les œuvres présentées, retrouvez deux artistes de la galerie Hervé Perdriolle :
Ram Singh Urveti est, avec Jangarh Singh Shyam, l'une des figures historiques de l'art tribal contemporain indien. Encouragé par Jagdish Swaminathan, il fut parmi les premiers à passer de l'art éphémère à la peinture sur toile dès le début des années 1980.
Shine Shivan que nous vous avions présenté en 2013 au salon YIA à Paris avec de sublimes venin de cobra sur papier et en 2014 à la Maison Guerlain sur les Champs-Elysées lors du parcours Privé de la FIAC.
Exposition Galerie Da-End du 28 février au 25 avril 2015 au 17 rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris.
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Subodh Gupta Is Not A Pipe

Source Huffington Post by Malika Rao
There’s plenty of irony to all this because Gupta, arguably India’s biggest art star, is also its least scholarly. This isn’t due to any kind of innate inability, but circumstance. He comes from India’s poorest state -- Bihar -- producer of precisely zero other world famous artists. Bihar is something of a national joke, mocked for everything from the accent of its people to the crookedness of its politicians.
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An Insiders’ Guide to Delhi, India

Source The Wall Street Journal by Sarah Khan
Un article avec de très bonnes adresses pour découvrir Old Delhi and New Delhi
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mercredi 25 février 2015

Cochin ou l'Inde cosmopolite

Source Les Echos par Clara Le Fort
Fort Cochin est, depuis la nuit des temps, à la croisée des chemins. A l'heure où la deuxième biennale d'art contemporain indienne bat son plein, cap sur ce creuset de création ! Fort Cochin est un modèle de tolérance en son genre : toutes les religions y cohabitent depuis des siècles, la première communauté juive (dite des « juifs noirs ») s'y étant implantée en l'an 370, et l'on parle, aujourd'hui encore, pas loin de 14 dialectes dans le seul quartier de Manttacherry.
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lundi 23 février 2015

India’s Largest Slum Turns Art Gallery

Source The Wall Street Journal by Shanoor Seervai
For three weeks this spring, the narrow lanes and back allies of one of Asia’s largest slums that was made famous by the movie ”Slumdog Millionaire,” have been transformed into a contemporary art festival. The Dharavi biennale, now in its second edition, showcases installation and performance art in the Dharavi slum in the heart of Mumbai where residents – who number anywhere between 300,000 and one million — live and work in an area the size of 380 football fields.
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Shine Shivan interview

jeudi 19 février 2015

Britain prepares for an exhibition that will dispel stereotypes about India

Source Times of India by Kounteya Sinha
"We would love to work with Raqs Media Collective. I was lucky enough to be in Delhi at Christmas for the opening of their extraordinary comprehensive exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art. We would like to work with the great artist Nikhil Chopra, now based in Goa. We've developed a close relationship with British artist Idris Khan, whose work repeatedly draws on the written traditions of Islam for inspiration. We've also worked with feminist artists like Aisha Khalid, from Pakistan and we hope to be able to connect to her again," Dr Balshaw added.
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The rise of the art fair

Source Ama
In recent years, the art market has seen a fundamental change in the way that artworks are purchased. In just a decade, the number of international art fairs has increased from ten to sixty, which means that the market has seen a major shift from the gallery-based model of yesteryear to one that is increasingly dominated by fairs. In 1999, London was home to only one art fair, but the capital now plays host to twenty, most of which were inspired by the success of Frieze.
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Hot Market: The Outsider Art Fair Opens In New York

Source Forbes by Ann Binlot
This is our 23rd year. We’re excited. We have more dealers than ever before at 50 galleries from all over the world. We started a new campaign this year where we’ve created project spaces, allowing for smaller galleries to participate in the fair. I’m really excited for a Bushwick gallery by the name of Jackie Klempay who is showing the work of Jerry the Marble Faun. Jerry the Marble Faun is best well known for being the gardener in the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. He was also a taxi cab driver for 20 years and worked for the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Other notable dealers this year are Rebecca Hossack from London, who is showing Aboriginal works, I’m really excited for Cavin-Morris to be showing never-before-seen photographs of Vivian Maier. I’m really excited for Arte del Pueblo showing Jonathan Demme’s Haitian art collection.
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Market News: Outsider art given a boost

Source The Telegraph by Colin Gleadell
Top collectors include French billionaire businessman, William Louis-Dreyfus; American Folk Art Museum trustee, Audrey Heckler; Londoner James Brett (the Museum of Everything); French film maker Bruno De Charme; fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s brother, Jerry; and artists David Byrne, Maurizio Cattelan, Cindy Sherman and Sophie Calle.
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“Obscene" Sculptures Removed From India's Chandigarh Sculpture Park

Source Artnet News
Prominent artists across India have voiced sharp criticism over a decision to remove 19 artworks from the sculpture park at Kalagram, Chandigarh, the Times of India reports. With hundreds of sculptures by national and international artists, the park is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The sculpture park's management has decided to remove the sculptures following a single man's complaint about their so-called “objectionable" nature.
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mardi 17 février 2015

Seven Year Itch

Source Art Forum by Zehra Jumabhoy
"In Delhi, the market likes recognizable names and colorful images,” warned Londoner Conor Macklin of Grosvenor Gallery. With only a few Indian collectors, the scene seems precariously poised. Nor is the Delhi fair the gateway to Asia that Hong Kong turned out to be, or which Singapore styles itself as. “The fair is at the risk of becoming too local if the significant international galleries choose not to participate, as has been the trend over the last three years,” Raja lamented. Luckily, many of the booths sold works to the intrepid collector Kiran Nadar. And the pall cast by the recession appeared to be lifting. New York dealer Thomas Erben was relieved: “We had more sales than in 2012. We actually covered our costs.”
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vendredi 13 février 2015

What you see when you see: Mrinalini Mukherjee: Mistress of modern Indian sculpture

Source Bangalore Mirror by Suresh Jayaram
Mrinalini is standing tall as a worthy inheritor of an illustrious lineage of two masters she followed, KG Subramanyan and J Swaminathan, and I am sure they are proud of her. She will continue to be in our memory like one of those larger than life Yakshis, fecund with intoxication by palm toddy with offerings of nature she tenderly cast in bronze, immortalising the numen and vegetative rhythms of the botany of desire. Mrinalini's auras of an archetypal modernist will be missed, and her brilliant work has outlived her.
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mercredi 4 février 2015


Source Interview by Rachel Small
In its 23rd year in New York, the Outsider Art Fair is larger than ever with over 50 galleries from dozens of international cities. Always promising a dizzying assortment of artworks, the fair delivers the most interesting and notable work from artists on the fringe or separate from the networks of arts schools, residencies, patronage, and sales-driven forces that make up the art world today. Freed from such constraints, works are without pretense or precedent–but they're rarely without a great story. Click through the slide show to see some of our favorite works on view at Center 548 through this Sunday, Feburary 1.
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On the Margins, but Moving Toward the Center

Source The New York Times by Martha Schwendener
Outsider art has changed significantly over the last decade. Where it used to come with a story and a diagnosis (the work was found in an attic or a Dumpster and made by a person with schizophrenia), it has now been included in the 2013 Venice Biennale, Rosemarie Trockel’s 2012 retrospective at the New Museum and acquired by the Museum of Modern Art. Beyond this is a vivid range of work by self-taught artists from around the world, more plentiful than in prior years. Some of the Haitian art collection of Jonathan Demme, the filmmaker, is on view at Arte del Pueblo. Andrew Edlin, the fair’s organizer, is showing the architectural works of Marcel Storr, a French street sweeper, at his gallery’s space. The Parisian dealer Hervé Perdriolle has works from India, and Galeria Estação from São Paulo has more standouts: Minimalist paintings of trucks by Alcides Pereira dos Santos, who was also a shoemaker, barber and stonemason.
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The Outside Breaks In

Source Christie's The Art People
Having taken Venice by storm, Outsider Art is now attracting an audience — and a market — beyond its traditional fan base. As the Outsider Art Fair begins in New York, Deborah Wilk takes a closer look at a scene that ‘interprets the world through its own lens’. ‘We’re also excited to expand the global notion of Outsider Art,’ says fair director Becca Hoffman, who cites the work of Australian Aboriginal artists, tantric Indian pieces, and African objects among the offerings. ‘Outsider Art is an umbrella, and the types and styles that fall under it are wholly unique,’ she adds.
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Source Art News by Dan Duray
The third floor has a big Judith Scott ball sculpture at Oakland, California’s Creative Growth Art Center (she’s currently the subject of a retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum, which is open through March 29), and a number of tantric paintings at Paris’s Galerie Herve Perdriolle Oaf. Philadelphia’s Fleisher/Ollman gallery also has a superb work by John Patrick McKenzie called Neil Diamond Likes Politics (Neil Diamond).
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mardi 3 février 2015

Robert Combas at Outsider Art Fair 2015

Source French Embassy in the United States
On the occasion of Outsider Art Fair 2015 that will take place in New York from January 29th to February 1st, 2015, the French gallerist Hervé Perdriolle will present Robert Combas's works. The French artist Robert Combas is one of the major figures of the French contemporary art. His works are rarely exhibited in New York (last time was in 1986 at Leo Castelli Gallery). To spotlight Robert Combas's work, Hervé Perdriolle will then present a series of 21 gouaches on paper and 14 crucifix made by the artist between 2013 and 2014.

Sex and the Society

Source The Indian Express by Amruta Lakhe
Venkanna’s works are erotic, with most of his subjects in an orgiastic frenzy, but dig deeper and you will see the layers of the artist’s concerns for contemporary issues. “No one really talks about sex, and when they do it is to provoke a reaction or to poke fun. I find sexual fantasy a powerful motif. Also, the sexual behaviour of human beings is habituated by societal norms and conditions. By examining this behaviour, I want to question these norms,” says the Vadodara-based artist.
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A Window To A Long-Term Relationship With India And Its Art

Source Huffington Post by Neha Kirpal
The question for an art fair is not whether it's set up--there are lots of fairs being set up. There is a huge proliferation of fairs around the world. The question is how many of them will survive, and have survived over time. There's an equal number of fairs shutting down--that's not such a widely reported fact. At the end of the day it is all about sustainability. And you can only sustain yourself if you are in a market that can be sustained and has long years ahead. In that sense, I'm privileged that we have been doing this in India.
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Works at India Art Fair take an artistic look at womanhood

Source India Today by Radhika Bhalla
Thought-provoking, titillating, engaging-the mood for re-claiming the feminine is strong among the works of art at the India Art Fair in the NSIC Exhibition Grounds that ends Sunday. Baroda based artist Rekha Rodwittiya, whose feminist spirit rings clear in her works, pays a tribute to modern-day oleographs and the female figure sans its hyper-sexual representation in art. In her large canvasses, she juxtaposes autobiographical photographs from her life and surroundings as a testament to the passage of time, onto the painted form of the female body.
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India Art Fair 2015: The People's Buzz

Source Huffington Post by Rio Helmi
There were more buyers under 30 years of age than before. Another important factor was not only the presence of galleries from various other cities such as Bangalore in India, but that of buyers from cities like Chandigarh and Jaipur - in short an all India representation from both sides of the counter. These demographic realities, combined with the fact that more than 100 high profile international patrons of the arts (think Guggenheim Bilbao, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales) attended, clearly indicate that Indian contemporary art as a cultural force is riding a steadily growing wave and that the market represented here is not negligible.
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Emerging Artists at the India Art Fair

Source The Wall Street Journal by Suryatapa Bhattacharya
There are nearly 1,100 artists whose works are on display at the India Art Fair which closes Sunday. Among them is a group of young painters, sculptors and photographers emerging onto the art scene whose work is worth a closer look.
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L'art contemporain s'invite en Inde avec la Biennale de Kochi

Source Euronews

lundi 2 février 2015

The best of India Art Fair 2015

Source Livemint by Kingshuk Niyogy
Now into its seventh year, the India Art Fair is the most important annual visual arts event in the country. Last year, it attracted almost 100,000 visitors. This time, 85 galleries will exhibit in 90 booths at the Exhibition Ground of the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) in the Capital, showcasing the gamut of modern and contemporary art, apart from the special projects and installations dotting the fair grounds.
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