jeudi 18 janvier 2024

Founders Prateek and Priyanka Raja reflect on their journey as Experimenter turns 10

Source The Telegraph by Farah Khatoon
Born out of sheer passion and steered with perseverance and panache, the contemporary art space and gallery stood as a mirror to the current times and emerged as a space for creative spirits who passed on their infectious energy and touched the souls of Calcutta and Calcuttans. "We feel both cities have deep and layered histories and are amalgamations of multi-cultural influences over time. As a result, they both have great institutions and communities that have so much to learn from each other. While the audiences in Calcutta are active and are unhesitating to ask difficult questions, the energy and inquisitiveness in the audiences of Mumbai are unmatched. The arts landscape has continued to evolve albeit at different paces in both Calcutta and Mumbai and new spaces and new models of showing work have emerged, collaborative initiatives have evolved and artist-run spaces have also grown tremendously".
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'Sheher, Prakriti, Devi' an exhibition that marks artist and photographer Gauri Gill's first extensive curation

Source ArtDaily
DUBAI.- Ishara Art Foundation is preseting Sheher, Prakriti, Devi, an exhibition that marks artist and photographer Gauri Gill’s first extensive curation. Ruminating on the interwoven relationship between dynamic cities, the natural environment and the inseparable sacred, the show presents twelve artists and collectives working across diverse contexts of urban, rural, domestic, communitarian, public and non-material spaces. In Gill’s words, “Apart from the sheer beauty and multiple truths expressed by the different artists - from the mundane to the transcendental, the gross to the subtle, and, the manmade to the sacred – through this palimpsestic and idiosyncratic exhibition, I wish to acknowledge those who have found ways to stubbornly persist in their practice, often sharing their work only within their families and local communities, completely outside the circuits and networks of professional artists, contemporary art discourse, galleries and markets… Through this gathering of insistent voices we hope to consider the dualistic worlds of the depleted and regenerative, manmade and natural, colonial and Indigenous, young and old, English and non-English, mundane and magical, absent and present.”
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mardi 16 janvier 2024

In Strong Economy, India Art Fair Boasts Biggest Edition Yet

Source Ocula by Sam Gaskin
India Art Fair will present 108 exhibitors and a new design section when it returns to the NSIC Exhibition Grounds in New Delhi from 1 to 4 February. 'We are proud to be able to host the wide spectrum of creativity in the region, from the most established artists and designers to the emerging stars of tomorrow,' said Jaya Asokan, Fair Director of India Art Fair. India's art market is tiny by global standards, with total sales valued at U.S. $144.3 million in 2023 compared to $30.2 billion in the world's largest market, the United States. But it is growing quickly, up from $106 million in 2020–21, according to the State of the Indian Art Market Report FY23 by Grant Thornton Bharat and Indian Art Investor. And art dealers in India have favourable economic winds at their back. The Reserve Bank of India is projecting real GDP growth of 7% for the country in 2023–24. That's leagues ahead of the 2024 outlook for China (4.6%), the United States (2.35%), and the United Kingdom (0.7%). 'Our programme of commissions and projects is our most ambitious yet and we are proud to have such an illustrious group of experts taking part in our talks programme and workshops,' Asokan said. 'This year, more than any other, we will see the real power and potential of South Asia at India Art Fair,' she added.
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