vendredi 29 mai 2015

The billion-dollar brush stroke

Source Business Standard by Ritika Kochhar
It’s been a very good month for Chinese art. Its artists, its fashion and even its terracotta soldiers have been all over the international news the past few weeks. Perhaps it’s all just fallen together serendipitously (or not), but there it is. Thousands saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi posing in front of China’s best art treasure, the 2nd century Terracotta Warriors. The rest of the modern world saw Beyonce, George Clooney, Rihanna and many others sashay in China-inspired fashions to celebrate an exhibition on The Impact of Chinese Aesthetics on Western Fashion at the annual Metropolitan Museum Gala, New York.
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Current Connections

Source The Indian Express by Vandana Kaira
From designing ginormous installations to writing notes with salt, Reena Kallat strikes a balance between the fundamental human dilemmas and larger social issues in her work. Now, Kallat’s site-specific installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite will address the dichotomy of the fibre-optically connected world, where there is an increase in the movement of people, yet the borders are more controlled. The Mumbai-based artist shares some of her thoughts and notes before the exhibition opens on May 14.
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jeudi 28 mai 2015

Ex Christie’s Head joins Saffronart as CEO

Source The Hans India
Hugo Weihe, former International Director of Asian Art at Christie’s, joins Saffronart as its Chief Executive Officer from July 1, 2015. Weihe will oversee Saffronart’s presence in Mumbai, New Delhi, New York and London in building a market for Indian art and antiquities globally. “The focus is now on India and its extraordinary cultural wealth and I am thrilled to be joining Saffronart at this decisive moment in time to expand and grow the market from within. There is a huge opportunity in reconnecting with the heritage of the past and looking to the future, while contributing to the appreciation and understanding in the process,” says Weihe.
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A Conversation With Visual Artist Chitra Ganesh

Source The Aerogram by Kavita Das
Chitra Ganesh is a South Asian American visual artist who has earned accolades and awards and exhibited her bold and inventive work all over the world. She’s also one of my oldest friends. Not only did we share many common experiences of a desi upbringing in New York City, our mothers were also high school classmates in Calcutta. Chitra’s current exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, Eyes of Time, brings the Brooklyn native full circle, so it seemed like the perfect moment to talk to her about how childhood experiences shaped her work and outlook as an artist.
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mercredi 27 mai 2015


Source 1 Heart 1 Tree
We will be transforming the Eiffel Tower into a virtual forest of light during the most significant environmental event of the year, the United Nations Climate Conference (COP21) in December 2015. Our aim is to plant millions of trees, both digital and real! Today, we need you to develop the app to create this artwork.
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mercredi 20 mai 2015

Hervé Perdriolle à Art Design Tendance : " L'interprétation est en soi un art".

Source Art Design Tendance par François Boutard
On ne peut pas inventer sans cesse la nouveauté dans l’art contemporain. D’ailleurs, il n’y a que dans l’art que cette question récurrente se pose. Dans la danse ou la musique, la nouveauté provient aussi de l’interprétation. L’interprétation est en soi un art. Ce qui compte c’est la qualité d’interprétation de l’artiste, c’est très sclérosant pour un artiste de devoir absolument créer quelque chose de nouveau.
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mardi 19 mai 2015

Artist Olivia Fraser's Venice diary

Source Vogue India
The Proportio exhibit at Museo Fortuny was for me the highlight of the Biennale. It is an eclectic mix of all my favourite artists' work (ancient and modern) from across the globe chosen for their uplifting investigations into proportion, sacred geometry and the aesthetics of order, chaos and ultimately, beauty. A Jain cosmic body nestled next to a Modigliani drawing which hung beside a wonderful diptych video installation by Bill Viola called Man with His Soul (2013). I was mesmerised by the video of Marina Abramović's famous unblinking gaze but it was Anish Kapoor's Gathering Clouds, circular fibreglass installations of light-sucking grey/black pigment that left me astonished and disorientated.
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Source Follow Art With Me par Béatrice Cotte
Pour ceux qui comme moi n'ont pas encore eu la chance d'aller à la Biennale de Venise, voici un blog qui, en trois épisodes, vous permettra d'avoir une vision singulière de cet évènement international majeur.
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vendredi 15 mai 2015

Nouvelles peintures Warli

Source Galerie Hervé Perdriolle
Hervé Perdriolle a ramené de son dernier voyage en Inde une sélection de peintures de la tribu Warli. Parmi elles des œuvres sur toile de la famille et de quelques élèves particulièrement talentueux de Jivya Soma Mashe, le légendaire artiste de la tribu Warli.
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Around the World in 10 Booths at Frieze New York

Source Blouin Artinfo by Mostafa Heddaya
Graphic novelists do not typically surface at blue-chip art fairs, but Project 88 of Mumbai gave over its booth to one such practitioner: Sarnath Banerjee. This critic is not ordinarily an enthusiast of graphic novels, but Berlin-based Banerjee easily belongs to the pantheon of the genre’s greatest. Like Art Spiegelman, Banerjee mixes potent storytelling — the main series on view covers Vasco da Gama’s “discovery” of Calicut, and was originally shown at the Kochi Biennale — with an acerbic wit. It’ll be interesting to see how this choice plays out for Project 88, as fair audiences do not seem the type to linger and read for a while, as this booth demands, but those who do will be richly rewarded.
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jeudi 14 mai 2015

Kochi Biennale connects cosmopolitan with cosmic

Source Bad At Sports by Lise McKean
The luxury of a dozen days in Kochi and a Bad at Sports deadline means I’ve been steeping in the Biennale since mid-February. I’m tempted to write about each work just to avoid deciding which ones to leave out. Fortunately omissions by me hardly matter since descriptions and photographs for all the works are easily accessed online and KMB’s catalogic tome and Google Culture’s virtual exhibition are forthcoming. Arguments about the relative merits of one or another of the Biennial’s 100 exhibits most certainly can be mounted by critics and viewers alike. My take is on the 2014 KMB as a work in itself: the relationships among individual works, sites, and themes create a syncopated rhythm of the sensual, cerebral, and aesthetic that’s pitch perfect.
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mercredi 13 mai 2015

Top 5 Auctions This May in New York

Source The Huffington Post by Brienne Walsh
After a record year for sales in 2014 -- artnet reported that the global fine art auction reached $16.1 billion -- expectations are high for the upcoming modern and contemporary sales in New York. This May, the auctions will bring an influx of art buyers from around the world to the city. Below, we round up the top five sales to watch.
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Whimsical look at everyday India

Source Asia One Singapore by Deepika Shetty
A "grand mistake" is how American artist Waswo X.Waswo describes his journey to India. In 1993, on a trip to India, he was determined to see everything except the Taj Mahal. Sitting in a New Delhi travel agent's office, he chanced upon a lush, colourful image, which showed the historic city of Puskhar, but the agent booked him a ticket to the lake city of Udaipur instead. The chatty 62-year-old, in town last week for the opening of his second solo at Indigo Blue Art gallery, said: "That would mark the start of my love for India." > read more

mardi 12 mai 2015

East-West fusion in France

Source The Hindu
In an effort to present a holistic view of art in India from the point where Rabindranath Tagore left off, Akar Prakar gallery, in collaboration with the government, is organising three art exhibitions in France this summer to promote modern art from the country. The shows have taken inspiration from “The Last Harvest: Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore”, an exhibition that travelled around the world to showcase works by contemporary artists from East India. The gallery, after holding discussions with art curators, critics and Parisian audiences, felt although many exhibitions have showcased modern contemporary art and craft traditions in India, there was definitely a missing link between traditional arts, Tagore and contemporary art practices.
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lundi 11 mai 2015

Indian Art Week London 6-13th June 2015

After last year’s success Indian Art Week is back and a series of exciting and exclusive events will take place between the 6th and 13th of June. Arts For India, a UK based public charity, who gives underprivileged art students the chance to study at the Institute of fine art in India, founded Indian Art Week London in 2014 in the hope to bring together art dealers, auction houses, galleries, museums, private collectors, and hotels in London to celebrate & raise awareness about Indian Arts and up and coming artists.
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samedi 9 mai 2015

Patrick Faigenbaum "Kolkata / Calcutta" Fondation Henri cartier-Bresson

Source Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
Du 13 mai au 26 juillet 2015, la Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson présente « Kolkata/Calcutta », le projet réalisé par le photographe français Patrick Faigenbaum, lauréat du Prix HCB 2013. Un voyage au cœur de la métropole indienne qui retrouve son profil historique, au travers de personnages de la scène publique, de rites et de paysages intimes. L’exposition est accompagnée d’un livre édité par Lars Müller Publishers.
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vendredi 8 mai 2015

The Khanna Method: the art of collecting

Source Larry List
What started out as innocently decorating his freshly renovated house with his wife Payal, developed into a serious passion for art collecting. Anurag Khanna’s devotion to art drives him to meticulously research and learn about art for months on end before making a purchase. His unique and introspective way of collecting helped him sharpen his own individual taste all the while amassing a large collection of video art in just a few years. Awarded the title of “Young Collector of the Year” by Forbes Art Award India in 2014, the self-taught art enthusiast is one of the few Indian art collectors who collects this medium.
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jeudi 7 mai 2015

L'art comme à la maison

Source Résidences Décoration par Bénédicte Philippe
Fini le "white cube" froid si cher à certaines galeries d'art contemporain. Une nouvelle génération de galeristes préfèrent dévoiler l'objet de leur passion comme à la maison.
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L'enfer est ici, sur terre.

Source TAFMAG par Julie Maury
En mettant en regard des compositions sur l’enfer, la galerie Hervé Perdriolle présente au Purgatoire, rue de Paradis, deux stars montantes de l’art contemporain indien, aux visions démentielles. Parmi eux, Shine Shivan, l’un des artistes indiens les plus captivants de sa génération.
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mardi 5 mai 2015

Rubin Museum Honors Nepal, Hebdo Reps Comment on PEN Gala, and More

Source Blouin Art Info by Anneliese Cooper
Rubin Museum Honors Nepal: Following the earthquake in Nepal and its pronounced damage to cultural heritage (not to mention the 6,800-person death toll), the Rubin Museum of Art has organized a series of programming titled “Honoring Nepal.” Beginning yesterday, an installation in the lobby will showcase a selection of the Rubin’s 600 Nepalese artifacts, and throughout the collection, Nepalese works will be marked with an “#HonorNepal” note.
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What Happened to the Old Whitney Museum Building?

Source Traveler
Wonder no more: The Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased the Whitney's old home, known as the Breuer Building (after its architect, Marcel Breuer), and will open a new contemporary-art–focused offshoot, The Met Breuer, in 2016. The new museum will open on March 10 with "Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible," an exhibit that explores artists' work in various states of completion (or lack thereof), and "Nasreen Mohamedi," a retrospective devoted to the Indian modern artist.
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samedi 2 mai 2015

Art gazing in Kochi

Source Livemint by Dhamini Ratnam
Okwui Enwezor invited artist and film-maker K.M. Madhusudhanan to participate in the 56th Venice Biennale, starting 9 May, after seeing his charcoal drawings at the Kochi biennale. The 58-year-old artist, known for his 2008 award-winning film Bioscope, will exhibit at the 120-year-old biennale, considered to be one of the most prestigious in the world. Only a handful of Indian artists have participated in it so far. Madhusudhanan will exhibit 65 charcoal works, drawing from Logic Of Disappearance—The Marx Archive, which was exhibited at Kochi, and his new body of work, Penal Colony, at Venice.
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Venice Biennale: India-Pakistan art collaboration

Source Financial Times by Rachel Spence
When I ask her how the idea for the joint show came about, Gujral recalls: “I was at the Venice Biennale a couple of years ago, sheltering from the rain in one of the pavilions. I was thinking: ‘Where is the Indian pavilion? Where is the Pakistan pavilion?’ ” Indeed, that year neither country was represented. (Pakistan has not appeared there in an official capacity since 1956; India had a space for the first time in 2011 but was absent in 2013.) As she mused, she realised that the person standing next to her was Rashid Rana. The pair fell into conversation, and the seed of the show, entitled My East is your West, was sown.
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