jeudi 14 juillet 2022

Bangalore’s Newest Museum, Home to a 60,000-Object Collection of South Asian Visual Culture, Will Open in December

Source Artnews by Vittoria Benzine
Abhishek Poddar donated foundational works for MAP’s collection, which now tops 60,000 works following further contributions from the Deepak Puri Collection, the private collection of Rahul Sabhnani, and original commissions. Altogether, the collection bridge historical periods and creative approaches from painting and sculpture to textiles, tribal art, and memorabilia from India’s globally renowned Bollywood Industry. The variety “deliberately blurs the boundaries between what is regarded as high art and the everyday creativity of the region’s communities,” the museum said. “The photography collection is one of the most extensive in India with a particular focus on the period from the mid-19th century, a turning point in the history of Britain’s colonial relationship with the region, right up to the present day,” the museum added.
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